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CL CityLocker OG Terms and Conditions

1. These general conditions regulate the contracting of locker spaces between a client and the company CityLocker. Clients accept and agree to adhere to these terms and conditions with their booking.

2. CityLocker offers its clients the possibility of hiring any of its lockers for periods comprising calendar days, where a calendar day ends with closing at 11:00 PM (23:00).

3. The client will be able to hire a locker for a period of between 1 day, as a minimum, and 90 calendar days, as a maximum.

4. Lockers will be accessible to the user for hiring every day of the week between the hours of 5:00 AM (5:00) and 11:00 PM (23:00). The User will not be able to access the lockers outside these hours as the premises where they are located will be closed.

5. During the valid period of booking, a locker may be opened and closed as many times as required by the client. A booking does not expire upon first re-opening.

6. The client is informed that there is video camera surveillance on the premises of CityLocker. The purpose of these cameras is to provide control over the condition of the lockers, as well as the use made by users or third parties accessing the premises containing the lockers.

7. CityLocker offers a locker space hire service, it is not responsible for the custody of the luggage. The client is solely responsible for the goods included in the hired locker.

8. If a booking period expires and the client’s items have not been removed from the locker, CityLocker will be authorised to access the lockers to remove the stored luggage, in order to release the lockers and allow them to be used by other clients.

CityLocker will temporarily store the luggage and try to contact the client who has failed to comply with the booking period deadline in order to manage the return of the luggage to the client (the cost of which will be borne 100% by the client). Returns can only be made to the person that has booked the locker personally and the client will be expected to retrieve their items as directed by CityLocker. Furthermore, CityLocker retains the right to leverage an administration fee of up to 150€.

After ten days without having been able to contact the client or without the client contacting CityLocker and collecting the luggage, it will be understood that the goods have been abandoned by the client for all purposes. Under these circumstances, CityLocker will dispose of them in the manner it deems appropriate or convenient, depending on the type of abandoned property.

9. The client will be fully responsible for any damage or deterioration that may be caused to the lockers by their misuse or improper use. Under these circumstances, the client must compensate CityLocker for the physical damage caused to the locker(s) and for loss of earnings.

10. In case of theft, CityLocker offers its clients insurance on the content of their locker up to 1000€ per locker. In order to be eligible for this insurance coverage, the client must meet the requirements of the insurance policy and work directly with Allianz Versicherung. The user must file a complaint with the Austrian police to report the theft. Any damages exceeding the coverage by the insurance will not be covered by CityLocker.

11. Clients must

a) Use the lockers for the sole purpose of depositing their property, which they temporarily need to keep in a safe place.

b) Diligently use the lockers and ensure that the locker has been properly closed when the client leaves the premises (after inserting or removing the luggage).

c) Not use the lockers for illegal or unauthorised purposes. In particular, the client must not store objects whose mere possession or trafficking is illegal (such as stolen objects, drugs, pornographic materials or those that are in any way denigrating for human beings, etc.).

d) Not deposit any property whose possession requires a license without said license or authorisation (such as, for example, weapons).

e) Not insert in the lockers any type of material that is polluting or dangerous (such as flammable objects or dangerous substances).

f) Not use the lockers to deposit animals or any kind of living being.

g) Not insert food in the lockers, except for packaged food that cannot spill, stain the locker or produce odors of any kind in the CityLocker premises.

h) Not provide their security code to any third party, being fully responsible for the breach of this obligation and its consequences.

i) Not use the lockers to deposit goods to be collected by a third party. The lockers must not be used as a means of trafficking goods between parties.

j) Remove the luggage inserted in the hired locker before 11:00 PM (23:00) on the day their hire ends.

k) Leave the lockers, at the end of the service, in the same condition in which they were found and to notify CityLocker through e-mail to of any incident that the User may find in their use of the lockers or relating to their condition.

l) Not take photographs or videos within the CityLocker premises and in particular and without limitation, to not take photographs or recordings of the security measures in the premises.

m) Not place in the money, jewellery, technological items (tablets, computers, televisions, etc.) or goods of special value in the lockers. It being the client’s sole and exclusive responsibility to use the hired lockers to store any type of goods of special value